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Day Two (of classes, that is)

Husband and son headed off in the predawn dimness to catch the bus to catch the other bus to get to campus in time for son's first class.   Yesterday husband got son set up on husband's computer (because son doesn't have broadband and ACC requires broadband for access to some course requirements, like online homework and quiz assignments.   Son did two of the five sections of math homework he has to do by Saturday night, and then switched to the class whose name I can never recall, but which is intended to give kids college skills that they didn't get in high school--organizing time, organizing assignments, etc.  Also a lot of touchy-feely self-understanding and required discussion-participation that's going to be tricky indeed for the young autist.   Husband worked with son for the first couple of online hours, then I took over for the non-online part.   It's at times like these that you realize what skills you didn't manage to sneak into the kid's brain.   Including some you thought you had.

This afternoon's arrangements are different--this is son's normal ice-skating evening (though Northcross has cut the evening open skating to 8 pm, not 9 pm, which makes it less convenient for me even when the weather allows fencing to go on.)   So husband and son will take a bus from ACC to the North Lamar Transit Center, and from there to Northcross, and I will head down to the city and hopefully (if all goes well and the small gods of transportation smile on us) arrive at Northcross about the time they do, with son's ice skates.   Skates and son will stay there; husband and I will go eat something somewhere (not fancy) and then at 8 pm pick up son at the ice rink and head for home by the western route, stopping at the Leander Transit Center for husband to pick up his car.

In the great wisdom of CapMetro (a touch of sarcasm there) they've put the transit centers in places inconvenient for anyone without a car (for "security," husband was told), and without any amenities whatsoever.  So if you think that the "Lakeline Mall Transit Center" is at Lakeline Mall...you're out of luck, because it's not near Lakeline Mall or anything else handy or useful.  All you can do at transit centers is wait for another bus.  If you have a five or ten minute drive from home to a park & ride or this kind of thing, that's fine, but if you've previously had a long drive to get there...it would be nice  to have it near a place to get a snack without having to drive there.

Meanwhile, for other reasons entirely, I got zero hours of sleep last night and am thus in need of a long nap--but without time to take one.

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