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Been a difficult few days for reasons having no interest to anyone outside the family circle (and maybe not there) but sinuses, eyes, gut and teeth were all involved in one way or another, along with the diminution of cognitive function that always seems to accompany a really good-sized migraine.   Peripheral pain can usually be shunted aside while the brain goes right on doing what it does, but pain in the head interferes with concentration.   Worry ditto...worry about stuff in general or people in particular also interferes with concentration.

However, along the way I got more work done on the essay for TAMU's exhibition catalog, completed a blog entry for the Orbit site (isn't up yet--they'll put it up when they feel it's best) at the request of my Orbit editor, made bread and froze 1/3 of the dough, made soup and shared with friends whose cooking ability is now limited (if your feet are peeling off, standing to cook is no fun) and then tried thawing and baking the frozen dough.  Which works just fine.

Today's tasks, in no particular order, are to finish the first draft of the essay, get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription (it's 20 miles away in another town), make some medical appointments, get to a city 50 miles away to pick up something else, bake again (since yesterday's loaf is almost gone), complete the usual chores involving kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, etc.   And more etc.  Which makes sitting here writing this sheer self-indulgence, but so what?
Tags: life in the country, the writing life

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