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First Chapter Excerpt Up!

Del Rey has put up the first chapter of Oath of Fealty, which has a March 16 release date, on their site. For those who want more particulars on the book, I'm giving you a link to their catalog description, and for those who just want to read the chapter, a link to the chapter.

A few words for those who are familiar with the original Paks books:  there is overlap at the beginning; though events were shown from Paks's and Kieri's POVs in the original, other people had their own experiences, somewhere else.   You don't need to re-read the whole monster unless you want to.   Connecting links are (we certainly hope!) made clear, but not every detail (obviously) repeated.

A few words for those who never read the original Paks books but might be interested in these:  you do not need to read The Deed of Paksenarrion first, though, being a writer, I hope if you like the new books, you'll want to read it later.   I tried for a balance of backstory that would keep new readers oriented enough, without the level of detail that would imply you needed to know everything that had gone before.   Should you be interested, a lot of background material is online at the Paksworld website and there are frequent updates to the progress of the later books in the group, and some interesting discussions,  at the Paksworld blog.

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