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Nose to the Grindstone: nonfiction

In the past week I've accomplished several smallish but important nonfiction projects, and one larger one--the draft of this last (an essay for an exhibition catalog) is in its final polishing phase, but all the content is there.  I need to finish it tonight--at latest, tomorrow--and get it to its intended recipient February 1. 

It's been difficult because of various other interruptions, which I won't go into, but at least I can take some satisfaction in meeting multiple deadlines.

There's another nonfiction coming up, but it should be easier (similar to one of the others) and the deadline is more than 7 days off.   This means that for a few days I can go back and relax by finishing a scene I started weeks ago on Book III.    I spent some time in a waiting room working on it in the ubiquitous notebook (not electronic--old-fashioned "composition book".)  I think some of the other people waiting were confused by the mix of furious writing, staring into space, and cryptic sketches, but...they should be glad I refrained from talking about it.
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