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Eye doctor visit x 2

Both of us needed visits to the eye doctor, so we made appointments last week and today there we were, both of us with dilated pupils.  

We both needed new eyeglass prescriptions.   We both came up clean on everything but early cataracts (me, which I'd sorta figured out for myself.  Good to know that they're just early cataracts and nothing else is wrong with my eyes.  Finally, my lifelong myopia is giving way (I started losing what had been the ability to stick my nose right on the page and read the Compact OED that way without the magnifying glass without improving my distance vision).   I'm under 5.5 diopters of myopia for the first time since...um...middle childhood?   Still can't see the biggest letter on the chart without glasses, but the lenses won't be as thick.   I should be able to see the notes in musical scores more easily...whee! 

The joys of getting older.  Your myopia improves just in time to enjoy it briefly before the cataracts take over. 

And my vision's still blurry...is it the dilated pupils or the fact that my glasses are two diopters out of adjustment?

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