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Temple Grandin: the movie

See this movie.   If you have to beg a friend who has cable to watch it so you can too...it will be on HBO...do so.  It's worth it.  It's worth it for anyone...but for everyone who knows an autistic person or is on the spectrum or is curious about autism...See.  This. Movie.  

I saw it at a special invitational screening tonight...and had not known ahead of time that much of it was filmed here in central Texas...that Capitol Land & Cattle Co., which I've driven by dozens of times,  became an Arizona stockyard for the duration, that Southwestern University in Georgetown became a college in New Hampshire, etc.  That was an extra fillip of delight for those of us in the area, but...the story itself is incredible (as anyone knows who's read Temple Grandin's own books) and the movie, being a visual medium, was able to show her "thinking in pictures" in...well....pictures.   Temple Grandin herself was there (she's been traveling to the special showings around the country) so we got her thoughts on the movie as well.

Her drawings in the movie...are her drawings.  From her own notebooks and files, that she (she told us) went to Kinko's and copied so they could be used.  

See this movie.  Find a way.
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