e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Driving, driving, over the rolling hills...

The drive from Tulsa to Collinsville was lovely, even though my feet swelled up as usual. 

Rolling countryside, mostly green, mostly rural...traffic not too heavy...plenty of time to think through the remaining revisions (ALMOST there...)   I would like to have had the time to get off I-44 and take some winding country roads, but even so it was lovely.

Missouri has a lot of incompetent rock...and hoe, some of you are no doubt wondering,  can a rock be incompetent?    Well, some rock is better at being rock than other rock.   A lot of the roadside rock in Missouri isn't very good at being rock, and is trying to return to its sedimentary origins (successfully, in some roadcuts that spill coarse sand from between weak strata.)  Its competent rock is lovely stuff, though.  I will have to find a big bookstore with "Roadside Geology of Missouri" (Texas was the first and now some other states have one.)  I also need to buy the eastern version of Butterflies Through Binoculars.

On the way yesterday  I saw butterflies (monarchs and dark swallowtails--everything else was too small to see while driving), one hawk, one great blue heron, several turkey buzzards, some small birds flying <???>, and familiar prairie grasses: big bluestem, switchgrass, Indiangrass.  Not much little bluestem.   There were only patches of the natives, but they really stood out.  Of wildflowers: basketflower, mallows in the marshy areas, a blue one that I think is European in origin, one whole field of ironweed, none under four feet tall and some six,  yellow sunflowers (two kinds at least),  smaller yellow compositae, and various things I didn't recognize. 

Tags: travel

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