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Tuesday began at 2 am when I woke up with a ferocious pain from very unhappy sinuses...owie, owie.  Took meds...could rest, but not sleep, after that until 5 am when the alarm went off.  We rose, dressed, at a little, and when M- came over we all piled in the car to drive him down to Leander to the bus terminal.  Then R- and I drove home, and I went flop in the bed, finally sleeping.  M- called from campus at 8:05--no bus breakdown this time--to say he'd arrived safely.  I woke up, but R- got the phone.  

By 8:30, I was up again, semi-rested, and found an email from Editor to give her a call.   That's a lot easier now, with the phone in my office working again (and many thanks to J- A- who strung the right kind of wire from the box to the phone, including fishing the wire through the wall.)   The story I'd sent her yesterday (to go up on the publisher's blogsite) needed some changes and we also discussed other stuff--the bookstore I visited yesterday, that had the wrong release date for the new book, an essay post I was working on for the same blogsite, etc.   I've now fixed the story, written an intro for it, taken photos of my office for the essay and written more of the essay, and the plumber is here to work on the bathtub plumbing in the other house (was my mother's--our son's living in it now.)

It's sunny again!  Cold, windy, but sunny.  I want OUT.   With camera!   It's beautiful!  Since I'll be missing the Great Backyard Bird Count (sigh!!) this weekend,  I can at least have a couple of hours today.   Then later I drive back to Leander to pick up M-, and then, dropping him here, continue north to pick up my new pair of glasses in Killeen.   I will be getting more than one new pair this time, but only one today.  Tonight.  Since there's a 2 diopter change in the prescription (in the right direction!) I expect it'll take a day or so to get used to them, but I'd like to be adjusted to them by ConDFW.   I didn't realize these glasses were that bad...no wonder I'm not able to recognize people.  Hey, with better glasses, maybe it'll be easier to see through the camera, too.

I'm expecting to have a great time at the convention--I'm taking the train from Temple to Dallas and back, much of which is through pretty country.   Friends are kindly picking me up at the Dallas station and hauling me out to the convention and then back.  Timing's a bit tight--I may miss my first panel, but it's not the only one...

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