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Home Again from ConDFW

The trip up was amazingly beautiful--from the train, esp. the lounge car with its big windows--we could see a world of snow-covered hills and pastures and creek woods...it looked very northern.  I'd never ridden a train through snow before.   A lot of us on the train were commenting to one another how glad we were not to be driving--especially when, as we rode through towns or along roads briefly, we saw the ruts in the snow, the signs of skidding, a truck in a ditch with a cold-looking man besides it stamping his feet, etc.   We saw round bales with caps of snow, cattle huddled in a field, a man tramping out with a bucket to a pen of sheep, etc. 

ConDFW was a lot of fun, although many of the invited guests couldn't get there (Jack McDevitt, writer GOH, was stuck in Atlanta airport for a long time before finally giving up.  But they arranged some kind of electronic magery so he could do his Q&A session anyway.)

The train ride home was completely different--no snow, and a brilliant blue sky.  The snow melt, and the rain that preceded it, meant the ground was saturated and every spring was running.  Rivers looked gorgeous.   Home now and digging out.  Must lie down soon as my feet resemble melons. 

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