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Saturday--mostly cooking

Today I finished up the stock,  first taking the flakes of fat off the top of the almost-jellied stock, then transferring it into quart containers and one larger one and putting it in the freezer.   About two quarts of stock stayed in the small (10 quart) pot as the basis for tonight's soup.  It's a thick soup, almost a stew, with diced tomatoes, diced green chilis, canned black beans, canned white beans, canned green peas, chopped fresh carrot and celery, chopped and sauteed half-onion and clove of garlic, half a jar of sliced mushrooms, 3-4 cups of cooked beef cubed, and barley.  I threw in the white beans and the green peas because I'd had them a long time without using them.   We've become so fond of black beans that I'm using black beans much more than I used to. 

Quite often I don't need to add salt to a soup (and I make the foundation stock without salt) but the Great Northern beans and green peas both make a flat-tasting soup without some salt in the mix.  We salt in the bowl, to individual taste.  Tonight I used sea salt in mine.  Yum.   This is definitely "meal" soup, not appetizer soup.

After the soup was assembled, I worked on the book some, but still had a fierce headache so finally gave in, took some Excedrin, and went down for a nap.  When I got up, I started a batch of bread.  It's warmish and humid right now, so the bread dough wanted to be sticky and eat a lot of flour.   It's in its second rising, in the pans.  Ideally you have the bread and soup ready at the same time, but the nap did me a lot of good.  

I'm hoping to put up vegetables from the garden this summer so I can use home-grown vegetables, as well as beef, in next winter's soups.  We shall see.
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