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The forecast was a winter storm warning for our part of our county, 6 am to midnight, but only a winter advisory 50 miles south where our son goes to community college.    So we left for the bus stop 20 miles away at 5:45, and the road was dry...but in about 8-10 miles we started picking up first rain, then freezing rain and sleet.  Dropped him off and headed back carefully through heavier rain/sleet mix, and as we got back to our town it was sleet/snow.  That lasted 45 minutes--the ground it patchily white and there's a bright red cardinal on the snow outside eating seed put out yesterday.

More and heavier snow's expected to fall later today.   Good friends have agreed to pick up our son in town and he can stay overnight with one of them if the additional snow and dropping temps mean it's not safe for us to drive to the bus terminus.

I was hoping it would either snow enough for the community college to cancel classes (and we could just stay home) or that it wouldn't snow...but it's doing what it's doing.

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