e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 10:37:04: Note to self: Do not forget important legal duties, like filing an annual report with the court. (MemoryFAIL. Court ClerkRESCUE.)
  • 10:39:26: Will I remember where I put everything I'm taking off the old printer, after installing the new printer?
  • 10:40:20: Will I refrain from stacking things on and around printer in future? (Does water normally flow uphill? Time run backwards?)
  • 10:41:58: First plum blossoms on wild thicketing plum taking over "orchard." Wind blowing hard. Birds hugging ground.
  • 12:49:00: RT @ConneryBeagle: BAWFUL! I would BITE the book thieves! http://doranna.net/wordplay
  • 14:27:33: The old laser printer allows 3-level mess: top, paper tray, and table: I should get credit in an archaeology or geology class for studying.
  • 14:28:13: Bread dough rising. Meat in oven. Can't reverse terms of that equation...
  • 17:09:05: Note to self: Falling into your own book leads to bread over-risen before it's put in oven. (Time vanished, not my fault!)
  • 17:51:58: New post up at http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/ First plum flowers this year, with pictures.
  • 17:53:30: Last night's "fix" for bad battle sequence in book doesn't work today. Lv & go on, to fix later? Or keep beating head on wall?
  • 18:00:50: Over-risen bread partly collapsed at top. (I've been making bread for almost 40 years...I know better...)

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