e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,


Picture three of us, each with two long blades.   Laura and Selena  had rapiers and sabres (yeah, I know, not typical, but...) and I had a rapier and an epee. 

The idea is, who's still alive a few minutes later.  (Technically alive.  We're not fighting sharp.)   I lost one arm twice to sabres, but as this was the melee section of our demo, and the fun part, I didn't have to drop the epee.  We were all skewered and sliced to the great delight of the audience. 

But I knew that arm was going to have bruises.  Ooooh, yeah.  The one from two weeks ago (rapier hit to the forearm has almost faded, but the new ones (upper arm, same arm) are quite...um...impressive.  Sabres can do that.  (I know one was a sabre; the other may've been rapier, but felt more like a sabre.) 

Now mind you, I don't *like* getting bruises.  But....but the fighting itself is fun.   So if you want to play, you have to expect and accept the lumps.  Sometimes literal lumps.

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