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Revision time on book two, AKA Kings of the North, has begun...the editor's letter arrived today (OK, it was email, but it's still called a letter, out of Tradition.   How fast can I get them done?  Not sure yet.  Reading the revision request with a headache and mild whiplash from yesterday's fall is not the best state of mind in which to estimate time.  Usually I'm fast.  Sometimes, not so.

Yanking my head out of the nearly-released yippee-ki-yi that is book one, AKA Oath of Fealty, and the still-not-done but very alive book three (AKA known as "book three"), to look critically at Kings is going to take an hour or so, just for that transition.   Until I got my copy of Oath,  my head was thoroughly engaged in book three, where (mmmph...it's my book I can utter spoilers if I want to...mmmmphphph...or maybe not) is happening.   Then Oath grabbed me again (yes, I remember the story.  I still have to read it.   It always reads a little differently when it's in print.)

But by tomorrow sometime, I should be nose-down on the revision track, and happy to be there.

Tags: revisions, the writing life

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