e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Very busy days

The pre-book-release crush of chores and things has really sped up, and the birthday weekend added to it.  I need to a) finish a synopsis for one editor, b) finish revisions for another editor, c) write a blog post (two separate) for each editor, c) have horses ready for farrier by midmorning today, d) go to regional transportation focus group meeting in late afternoon (which means finding out where the city hall in that town is before then,) e) get M- to class (means leaving here before 6 am two mornings this week), f) do a phone interview one of those days, g) next day  go to the city to an audio studio to do a combined thing with another writer for our mutual audiobook publisher, h) post to the Paksworld blog every day, i) attend choir practice that evening, which implies somehow learning the music between now and then, j) finishing preparing my speech for an exhibition opening, k) driving several hours to that event and being a suitable professional person during same, l) drive back next day, m) have first voice lesson in many weeks, n) do online chat with editor and another writer the day of release, o) do event at bookstore immediately after that, p) process a lamb (kill, skin, butcher, and freeze.)   

Therefore, as with the last few days, I will be scarce around here (though I swear I thought I posted here Saturday and it just vanished--did it fail to make it through the electronic jungle?  Guess so.  Maybe I hit the wrong button.  Wouldn't be the first time.)


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