e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 03-08-2010

  • 08:30:50: Today the farrier comes to prune hooves. Today it's raining.
  • 08:33:21: Were horses ready to come quietly into their respective stalls for breakfast? They know...and it's so much faster if they do...but no.
  • 08:35:05: Too many televised awards shows using up time that might be entertaining (at least the potential.) Didn't watch; never do. Boring.
  • 10:59:17: Farrier came; horses both trimmed. Mac was difficult; Illusion was too good. Always worry when he's too good.
  • 11:02:44: Sent synopsis off to editor just before farrier arrived--good timing. Now for the rest of the list...

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