e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 11:49:13: Back from A&M, and saw 100+ sandhill cranes spiralling to gain altitude & find thermal, east of Bartlett. Gorgeous! Always take binocs!!
  • 11:49:58: Tree silhouettes complicated by swollen buds, flowers, first leaves--a lovely drive on back roads most of the way.
  • 13:17:36: Also saw two bluebirds--brilliant color--on the drive home.
  • 23:03:27: Had energy dropout with chills--yup, another sinus thing. Intelligent design my left little toe. They should be plug & play, with spares.
  • 23:05:42: Jr hi counselor told me my ability to be funny was a character flaw. Looking back, I think she had the character flaw. I had talent.
  • 23:06:49: That is, of course, blowing my own horn, another thing I was told was a character flaw. But now...hand me that trumpet and hear me squawk.

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