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What a Difference a Day Makes...

But that will get all sentimental and confusing, so scrap that...arrived back from the exhibition opening at the Cushing Library at A&M yesterday after a great trip home to discover that the book (my one copy thereof) wasn't here, either.  Or at the friend's house that had seemed the most likely other location.   I had planned to leap from bed this morning, drive to the city, and see if I could find it at church, but realized that if I made that 100 mile round trip and didn't find it, I'd feel worse (frustrated, also tired from the drive) than if I just gave up on it and stayed here with the birds, the flowers bursting out, and relative quiet...and all the things I need to do before Tuesday, launch day.

So here I am, having also stayed up far too late last night with unhappy sinuses and the resulting unhappy stomach (further details cut to spare you all.  Rejoice.  Though I cannot omit my ritual snarl in the direction of Daylight Savings Time, which I still loathe and which still upsets my body clock for weeks.  Hate, hate, hate, DST.   Want it to go away forever.)

It's a gorgeous spring day in central Texas.   The thicketing plums in the orchard lot have dropped their flowers, but now the pears, peaches, and apricot are out.   The Mexican plums are out.  The redbuds are coming along.  Elbowbush is still blooming, too, and the anemones are all over the place, mostly white but with occasional pink or blue or purple ones.  

One of my goals for the day is to remove (with all the papers encrusting it) the old and nonfunctional laser printer from my side desk and see if the new color ink-jet printer will fit there, or if I'm going to have to uncover the red printer table the current inkjet (still limping along and I still have ink cartridges for it that won't fit the new one) is on, and install the new printer there.  At any rate, Things Will Move.   I need to print more business cards by Tuesday, 

I also hope to fill a feed sack with trash and clean out the part of the carport now cluttered with unused horse-stuff.   Then there's a walk on the land (with camera) and the washing of hair, and setting up the voice lesson for tomorrow (yes, I'm going to start voice lessons again, even though right now I sound like a foghorn with a mouse in its throat) and preparing for launch day...which is going to be a bit hectic as I need to remember to dress for the city part of it before the online chat part of it (which is here, not there.)   Usually, I revel in the ability to do online or phone stuff in my working clothes (not what I'll be wearing to the bookstore event...and those attending should be glad of that.)

Anyway--it's already after 9 am (did I mention how much I hate Daylight Savings Time???) so I'd better get out of this chair and into high gear.
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