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From Twitter 03-14-2010 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 03-14-2010 [Mar. 15th, 2010|04:01 am]

  • 09:14:53: New post on Orbit blogsite: http://www.orbitbooks.net/2010/03/12/two-trick-pony/
  • 10:01:46: Free download--new Paksworld story related to new books: http://www.suvudu.com/freelibrary/ Meet the king of Pargun.
  • 12:03:25: I watered the vegetable garden. Peas have tendrils. Lettuce has other than cotyledons. Radishes, carrots. Buds popping. Warm, breezy.
  • 12:05:36: Just opened study window--first time since fall. Lesser goldfinch on thistle sock. First iris (white) opened today.
  • 20:05:26: New post up at http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/ about spring birds.
  • 20:08:18: Bedtime already. Did I mention I hated Daylight Savings Time? Too bad. Did it again.
  • 21:10:50: Some people might have sense not to restart voice lessons the day before their book comes out & there's a music festival in the city.
  • 21:13:14: I am not "some people"--the thought "if not now, when?" pushed me to go on and do it tomorrow. Need clean hair. Need another 24 hours.

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