e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 15:35:49: First voice lesson in months. Less regression than feared, more than hoped. Now have three new pieces to work on, Purcell to memorize.
  • 15:39:05: Did make it through Purcell's "If Music Be the Food of Love" today--not without incident, but better at end than beginning.
  • 15:49:50: New pieces are a Scarlatti, a Vivaldi, and a Quilter. Vivaldi is "Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris" from the Gloria RV 589. Scary.
  • 21:22:30: Self: the night before book release is not the night to disrupt the entire office to install a new and more complicated printer. Fail.
  • 21:35:31: The bed is covered with what used to sit on two printers...put one stack on top of new un-hooked-up printer. May stuff rest in box...
  • 21:57:30: R- suggests that instead of obsessing about the lost book and printer-FAIL, I rejoice over book coming out. Good idea. Easy for him...
  • 21:58:10: Wait--no chocolate today. Maybe just need more chocolate...(looks around...aHA!...POUNCE!)

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