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From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 09:08:24: When checking garden yesterday, found fresh tracks and cow-flops--and cow had been in our front yard, too. Neighbor claims fence fix soon.
  • 09:09:52: Gorgeous morning. Unforeseen help means I can go out for long walk. But first, French toast.
  • 13:50:17: Got the walk but not the French toast. Hmm...also need late lunch...maybe now...but I should make bread today...hmmm...
  • 13:51:34: FIRST BLUEBONNET in east grass. Another found not-quite-open in west grass. Scared a good-sized frog in creek (went ERK! and jumped.)
  • 13:52:37: The frog, not me, that is. I think leopard frog. Also tiny fish I hope I got pix of. More plums in full bloom, roaring with bees.
  • 14:22:12: New posts up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/
  • 14:28:30: Bluebonnets are lupines that look like blue-and-white checked gingham. Well, sort of. Smell heavenly.
  • 14:29:51: I'll have bluebonnet pix up later. For field-full of them, http://www.nhnct.org/photo/images/bluebonnets01.jpg
  • 16:43:20: New post up with wildflower pix at http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/ including first bluebonnet.
  • 16:52:46: They're apparently a plant of low grassland--and poor pasture, too. If you have a thick growth of mid to tall grass, no.

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