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Where in the World Is My Book???

A fan took my new book to the beach and then took a picture of it lounging on a towel in the sun...and she's let me post it over on the Paksworld blog.   So if anyone else wants to photograph Oath of Fealty in interesting surroundings and have the image posted there, just let me know.  It would be fun to have some pictures of the UK edition and locations in various countries.    Although I personally like bookstore pictures (look! On the shelves!  Wheee!!!) I think things like the beach-bum book, or on a bus or train or plane, or being "read" by an animal, would be more fun and interesting for everyone (though a remote bookstore you wouldn't normally expect to have it--yeah.)  Certain types of images won't be used and you can probably imagine what they are  (so, I'm a prude--get over it.)   Be sure to include the name you'd like used for the photo credit (if you're happy with an LJ handle or the like, that's fine, but I want to credit you.)
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