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Mac the masochist

Mac is lame again.   Mac is lame off and on, because (among other things) Illusion body-checks him into fences and gates, so he gets a bruised shoulder or hip, or a bite.   He also has thin hoof walls, esp. in front, and today's lameness is a hoof problem.  The farrier trimmed him today and said he thinks Mac may have an abscess coming on (many horses, unused to the amount of rain we had in May, June, and half of July, have apparently sprung abscesses from softened hoof soles and the stuff in the mud.  Though we tried to keep ours as dry as possible, it wasn't totally possible.)    I've been gone for several weeks, and haven't seen the development of this bout of lameness, so I don't know how long it's been there, or whether it's improving or getting worse.

So I will be checking his hoof twice a day to see if the abscess (if it is one) has come through, or if we're going to have to do something drastic.   Give it a couple of days, says my farrier.   Or, if it's a stone bruise, it may go away.  With Mac the dramatic and accident prone, one never knows.
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