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My leps will be listed

Huh?  You ask.  Well, there's this really nifty website being built to collect data on all the butterflies and moths in North America.  You can find it at www.butterfliesandmoths.org.   The idea is to have, eventually, a species list for every county in every state.   At present, it's incomplete.  To contribute a species you know is in your county, you can photograph it and send it to your state's authorized "accepter."  (That's not the term they use, but never mind.   They have to see a photograph, or the specimen itself, with the location and date, and agree that it's what you say it is, before they'll let it into their database.

Well...I looked up our county, of course.  And it was woefully lacking in butterflies and moths I knew were there.  So I sent in some photographs last year.  And this year, I looked again, and I had new lepidoptera (leps) that weren't on the county list.  And I've now sent those in, and the state arbiter has accepted them. Well, he corrected me on one crescent, and pointed out that I had misspelled one scientific name, but I'd already sent him other pictures of the right crescent,  so we're all cool and seven new species will go to the county list when he has time. 

And that means that (unless someone else sends in a bunch) I will have contributed over half the butterfly records for the county.   I'm right at half before the new ones are posted.   As BugGuide is showing, amateur naturalists with cameras can make a real contribution to serious science.  (Doing the happy dance.)
Tags: biology, lepidoptera, wildlife management

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