e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • 07:40:14: Took sack of radishes to church--choir ate them all. "Can haz more?" Sure...taking another sack today. Home-grown always tastes better.
  • 07:42:48: Forecast says frontal passage weather won't be as severe as earlier predictions. The sky says yeah, well, maybe...maybe not.
  • 07:45:48: Must leave in 40 minutes to be at church on time for rehearsal for today's services. Must get choir robe from dryer and iron. Bleh.
  • 07:48:03: OTOH, we get to sing the Bach again. And Mendelssohn. And Bruckner. So even with sinuses full of crud...it's not all bleh.
  • 19:53:58: Radish Report: Today choir took all the second batch of radishes I brought in & asked if there would be more. Unsuspected radish hunger.

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