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Another Soup/Stew

Yes, another one.   This started as the one just described.   We ate about half of it, over two days.  Meanwhile, there was the bone and gristly meat in the stock pot in the oven, moved yesterday to the top of the stove to make stock...added the onion, garlic, carrot, celery, bay leaves, peppercorns, etc., etc.--all the usual things for stock, but about half as much.  Stock burbled away for hours upon hours upon hours.  Today, all the solids removed yielded maybe 1-2 cups of meat, and the detritus of bone and limp vegetables.  Reduced the stock to 2 quarts.  Took out the pot of Before soup/stew, added all the new meat, one quart of the new stock, three cans of beans (1 red kidney, two black), a couple of tablespoons of ordinary yellow mustard (what we had), a couple-three tablespoons of chopped green olives & pimentos (called "salad olives" on the jar, though personally my favorite salad olive so far is Kalamata.)

And it rocks the world...the beans have, as beans do, reduced the heat level from the chilis, but not to nothing--it's just milder.   The broth is...all by itself...a rich, dark brown liquid that wakes up the brain.   The potato pieces are still together, not mushy.  Since the  combination started unsalted, the saltiness of the olives isn't too much and gives that sporadic bite of salt when you have one in your mouth.

The only thing that might improve it (that I can think of) is slices of a hard sausage, just to add another flavor in there, but I'm not going up to the store to get some.   Not at the moment.  I just finished one bowl of this stuff and I'm headed for more.
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