e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 10:05:21: Great interview with Robin McKinley: http://speculativebookreview.blogspot.com/2010/04/interview-robin-mckinley.html
  • 10:25:13: Evasive tactics by Book III...idea for totally different book inserted on the way home Monday, and it won't let go. 1500 wds so far.
  • 11:23:36: Book III yielding. Another 1500+ words in past two days and story just complicated itself in a good way. Should hit 2K today.
  • 20:59:27: And lo, a funny story for a private situation came rolling out of my pen (yes, pen; I was writing in exercise book in the car) this evening.
  • 21:00:24: Gulf Coast Toads are trilling deliriously in the lily pond. Not exactly melodious, but a sound of spring.
  • 21:15:51: Toads trilling on F-sharp and E, back and forth. Is this males and females? Dominant and subordinate males? Curiosity itches.
  • 21:36:14: New post about progress (and Book III's resistance) up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/

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