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Well, rats

Michael can't come home tonight; they're treating the entire group home for scabies.   And his internet's down, probably because the bill went astray.   Himself tried calling, but heard at a local store that their server's down, so no luck getting through by phone.

Himself is back home now, and I  don't have the house to myself for a few hours, which is how I work on difficult music, so no one has to listen.   We're singing a Walton anthem this Sunday and it's pages and pages of "must read every note/notation/suggestion/marking-made-during-rehearsal."   I need to be alone--I can't attempt one of those sixteenth-note runs with half-steps if anyone's listening.  When I know it, sure.

On the good side, the bread is rising.   Whole wheat/cranberry/walnut/seeds bread.   The seeds being pumpkin and sunflower...and since I ran out of walnuts I threw in a few pine nuts.   I need a new scraper; if the hardware store in town is open tomorrow, I'll get another one of those things painters use to float joints...it works as well as the expensive metal and wood ones they sell in fancy stores, and costs very little.   Even when the handle breaks off (about two years of use) it's still fine until (as happened to me) you lose it. 

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