e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 05-11-2010

  • 09:56:03: 56 pages of copy edits to go, 56 pages of copy edits...mark one down, don't pass it around, 55 pages of copy edits to go...
  • 09:57:47: Actually I'm listening to Stanford's Symphony #1 and Irish Rhapsody--over and over. CD ends, I can get up and move for a little.
  • 10:00:59: Yellow-billed cuckoo calling in back yard...that muffled "clough...clough...clough...clough...clough-clough." So shy...no pix.
  • 13:36:18: Copy edits: down to cleaning up the "hmmm...think more later" pages. Then the other stuff. Laundry's part on line, part in machine.
  • 13:36:57: And dishes washed. Counter's not yet cleaned off, as the ms. is occupying the kitchen table.
  • 17:40:12: 2 new posts up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/ including a snippet
  • 18:24:52: Bluebell pictures on Robin McKinley's blog: http://robinmckinleysblog.com/ On my bucket list is seeing a bluebell wood.

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