e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Wednesday ALREADY???

Time flies when you're not having fun.   Or rather, time for doing what you want flies away while you feel mired forever in what it not fun.

Or something like that. 

Anyway, it's Wednesday; yesterday was so hot and muggy we finally gave up and turned on the AC.  I slept through the night without waking up in a pool of sweat.  That was good.   Tonight, choir practice.  In between finishing the last bits for the package of copy edits that goes back to Production and hauling the mass of stuff to the FedEx office to be shipped away, overnight express.   I wish I had time to go back through the ms. again to check all my own marks, make sure I've been as consistent as I meant to be, but...tempus done fugited (and if that doesn't make every Latin scholar shriek, I don't know what would.)

The garden is about to go into summer "It's too hot, I don't wanna--" mode, and since we planted the cool-season crops later than we should have (due to the difficulty of planting in liquid mud)  and haven't planted but a few of the warm season crops (as the cool-season crops are still in place) there's a large chunk of work to be done in the garden the instant the pea pods go from green to gold.   Right now, though, the sugar-snap peas are eaten right off the vine, raw and delicious.   The carrots...well, they're slightly disappointing.  What were supposed to be sweet little short carrots...are short, but not that sweet.   And though crisp, they're quite...um..firm. 

We'll still try for a late crop of beans.   I do love green beans.   And tomatoes.  And peppers.   We have only one tomato in the ground.  EEK!

Tags: life in the country, the writing life
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