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Another !**! header design contest

I hate, loathe, despise having someone else's header design on my "home" LJ page.  HATE it.   It's the place I have to come, to navigate my LJ, and yet now I'm being stuck with someone else's header idea (I wanted my own--just my own--on my own page ALL THE TIME.  Barring that, the plain blue banner strip.  ALL THE TIME.  The current one, all in red/pink/pale blue, hurts my eyes.   The colors clash with my userpic, and it's all splashy and noisy.  ICK.  It was bad enough when they imposed holiday banner designs (as for Halloween). 

And now it looks like LJ has decided to keep doing this, and impose CHANGING images by someone else every blinkin' month.   WHY couldn't they have set it up so each person could put his/her own header designs on his/her own page, using an easy definition of the size you could just upload to your own journal?   Oh gosh, that would give us too much freedom.   Oh gosh, that wouldn't allow them to be all cutesy in their announcements.   Oh gosh, maybe that stupid goat wouldn't like it.  

Yeah, you guessed it, I'm not happy about this.   I want my plain dark blue stripe back, if I can't put up the header design I  want.   I don't want to impose (or attempt to impose) my header design on other people--I just want my header to be the same until I choose to change, and I'd really like to be able to upload my own header designs to my own LJ.   I also didn't like it that they rearranged the layout of the page so that things are in a different place, a month or so ago.  I did say this to "them" but of course "they" didn't answer.   They're too busy patting each other on the back and bragging about themselves. 


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