e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 05-14-2010

  • 08:00:50: Severe weather forecast; driving to Salado to speak at library. Should make for a lively day.
  • 08:03:08: Book III: Arvid in disguise is still Arvid to the core. (But he looks better in all black. At least, he thinks so.) Sneaky.
  • 08:15:50: New post up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/
  • 14:43:57: Sometimes errors cancel each other out. The moon must be blue, because it happened to me this week. (BOUNCE!!!)
  • 14:45:08: Stock is reducing slowly. I should be able to transfer it to the smaller pot sometime this afternoon.
  • 14:47:16: Men of the household have departed for a movie. I shall stir the pot and maybe make bread. Or take a nap.
  • 14:48:07: Trip to Salado went well--talking about The Speed of Dark to enthusiastic audience. Swords were also involved.
  • 14:52:38: Library gave me mug, coffee blend, and jar of "Salado Creek Chocolate Rocks." Look exactly like fine stream-rounded gravel. Taste good.

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