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Yesterday we accomplished some of the pre-move chores plus one obligatory pre-moving Moment of Loudness (me.)    I called the moving company recommended by a friend at church, found their estimate reasonable, and set up a pickup for next Monday.  Heard bumpity-bump noises and found Older Man of House (hereafter OMoH) lugging heavy upholstered chair out into the yard.  After considerable discussion, chair was loaded in back of our big old van, but will actually be taken to M's new apartment by movers.  (But OMoH does not have to lug it back in.  Given his back, this is a good thing.)

Younger Man of House, the one moving to an apartment in the city (hereafter YMoH)  revealed that certain clothing items were past their use-by date and needed replacement.  Both MoH's went to Target in the afternoon and returned with the needed items.  

I got everything off the bed that's being moved and started clearing out around it.  I started the Great Laundering of Clothes Being Given Away (they were clean the last time I folded and stacked them, but there's this about used T-shirts--they need to be "freshened" before reuse if stored too long.)  YMoH shares my relative inability to sort and discard...I have dragged him through the process before (for outgrown clothes, toys, etc.) but this time he's stressed enough with the coming move and start of a new semester, so I will grit my teeth and make the cut in the stuff he hasn't worn for three years myself.  

Meanwhile, the thunderstorms all around us dropped much less water on us (many of them came close enough to smell rain without putting a drop on our place.   So we're clearly headed back into the dry.  If this summer's growing season is dry, that's three dry growing seasons in a row, but at least this time we're starting with some residual soil moisture from the rains between September and March.   This morning, though, it's cool enough to have the windows open.
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