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Friday: More Move Prep

So....we've been working on getting M- packed up all week, bit by bit, and as of today it looks just possible we'll be almost-nearly on time.   "It ain't pretty, but it runs..."  is about the size of the preparation process.  

I'm now realizing what I spared my mother when I went in the military and they sent movers to pack and pick up what she sent when I finally had an apartment.   For one thing, she didn't send me any kitchen stuff--I bought a very basic set (and knew I'd get wedding presents.)  A couple of metal bookcases, a bed, some books,  and...that was pretty much it.   I had even made my own table (found a discarded metal table frame.  Found two flat pieces of board, probably once used as a brick-and-board bookcase, and screwed another piece of found lumber on the back to hold them firm.  Voila--top of small square table.   The frame is still with us, now on the front porch with a pretty stone top on it.  Bought a couple of simple bar-stools.  No personal computers back then.  No cellphone, just a landline.   No TV, no DVDs, but a small portable stereo and a few records. 

This is different.  Boy, is it different.   M- needs a kitchen outfitted;  we had started this when he moved back from the group home and into the house that had been my mother's.   There was plenty of cooking stuff in that kitchen, but I knew he'd move out someday.   So he has a set of pots (two Christmases ago) and dishes and flatware.    However, I discovered that I'd neglected the cooking utensils--including measuring spoons and cup. Discovered that this morning while packing up the dishes and pots.   M- doesn't have the relative income I had as a second lieutenant, so he needs more stuff from home (house or pockets.)   These things were purchased this afternoon.   The other day we replenished underwear and socks and before that new shirts.

Presently the desk, the table, and a rocking chair are all over there.   The round table (pedestal type) has been reassembled.  The desk, which has one of those shelf things above it (separate piece) was full of stuff; I cleaned that out this morning.   I still need to actually clean it--something gooey and dark is on one of the shelves.   His computer is still on that desk, and needs to be detached and--by Sunday night--moved well out of the way of the movers coming Monday morning.  The bed we're sending is still over here, with its mattress & box springs.   The upholstered chair managed to get itself in the big old van back on Tuesday, and will need to be in that house before the movers arrive.  There's also a closet-organizer thing that will go, though it will fit in one of the small vans (Elfa, frame, top, baskets) and not with the movers. 

We can take some things down on Sunday--the day he can take possession.  He wants to spend the night there, sleeping on the floor.   (As I explained to him, I've slept on the floor the first night or two in all but one of the places I've moved to...getting there before the movers is usual.)   Actually I think he's dying to try out the pool, as soon as we drive away.   And of course we'll follow the movers down on Monday, with another load, including the computer and all its accouterments, and meat from the freezer to start him off.

Tuesday the internet installer comes (cable) so we need to figure out where the cable outlet is and put the big desk there.   Wednesday, I have to go down for choir practice, so I can go early and take the router I got from Ruta and install that, if the cable modem doesn't have a router component.   (The cable installer, of course, will come "sometime" Tuesday and whoever's there has to wait around all day.   That will not be me.)

His summer classes start June 1.   Once his internet is secure and up, he'll be able to check bus schedules for getting to the other places he needs to go (there's not a good grocery store in reasonable walking distance, for instance--just convenience stores--and he'll be getting himself and his skates to the ice rink, if his schedule allows.)

Now to gather the energy to move the final big pieces to the other house.  (Though not until the evening cools down.  It's not cool now. )

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