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Saturday: Packing Still

Given that we're moving just one individual into a one-bedroom apartment, you'd think it wouldn't take this long, wouldn't you? 

HA!  That's because you haven't tried packing up a young man for his first solo venture into independent living.  

However, it's time to get out the big black buggy whip and insist on the two stronger backs in the household moving the heavy stuff to the other house (where the picking up will occur, and  where I spent the better part of an hour working on the shrubbery the other day.   And make sure the one of them cleans the bathroom in the house where he's been living.  And some vacuuming would not come amiss, either. 

I am SO looking forward to having time to do the work that I'm supposed to be doing for the next book coming out.

Tags: packing & moving
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