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Movers' GPS sent them to the wrong corner in this town...I had sent careful directions and even photos...they were only one block off, though.  Went out to street and waved them in.

They came, they dismantled, they loaded, they left.   R- also left, with a load of stuff in his car.   I will probably go down today, though I'd hoped not to, to help.  R- forgot to take with him the chart of where things should go in the apartment.   Movers will probably get there first, even though they left 10 minutes after R- did, because they're taking the toll road from north of G'twn, and R- took 183 in.  At least he wasn't caught in the traffic backup from a fatality accident on the Interstate that the movers told me about.

Will try to get some work done on the book now, before deciding if I need to go in or not.   SO glad to see that round table and that monster desk-with-hutch gone away.

Tags: packing & moving

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