e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 05-24-2010

  • 08:25:17: Movers have been and gone. Switched out green chair for red chair at last minute, bc red chair had unsuspected tear in upholstery.
  • 10:01:36: Writing & research. Now I need to know the velocity curve for a "typical military crossbow". At what distance can you see release & drop?
  • 10:16:49: Furniture arrived at apartment, movers paid and gone, father and son now engaged in driving one another crazy doing inventory fr apartment.
  • 10:19:13: I don't think adding myself to the mix down there will do them any good, whereas working on the current chapter will soothe me.
  • 10:19:42: Beethoven piano sonatas, much as I love them, are all wrong for the scene in progress.
  • 11:05:00: New World Arbalest, http://www.crossbows.net/, answered my crossbow question first. Yay!
  • 11:12:12: More writing-research, and my medical consultant is 50 miles away...but the books are in this house...
  • 11:19:20: Going to make omelet (or something approximating an omelet) for lunch. Reward for 1000 words done since movers left.
  • 11:49:48: Omelet achieved! Three eggs from neighbor's hens, a little milk...then the Cheshire cheese...then...deliciousness. Pretty, too.
  • 15:33:16: New post up on Amphibians at http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/ Got a picture of a young frog sunning itself with some tail still on.

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