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There are Wednesdays and Wednesdays.   I was born on a Wednesday, and yes, I know the rhyme.  This Wednesday was not entirely full of woe, because we moved the old drafting table over to this house and it's set up in what was M-'s room,  with the master map for Paksworld flattening out on it after a year rolled into a map tube. 

But then it was hot, and I don't mean warm...I mean HOT...and very bright, and I needed to go to the city to help M- with his newly acquired internet-by-cable.    I got there before 2 pm (after which it got still hotter) and dug through what the internet installer left...which turned out to have the critical information on it, but not labeled in any way so you could TELL.     I had to call techsupport (a nice person, thanks R-!)   Due to time spent on that, I didn't get the router connected, because M- needed a trip to a supermarket.  M-'s apartment is very handy for his classes, and is on a bus line, but is not near any supermarket.  Sigh.   We piled into the HOT car and after a considerable distance and time arrived at a very busy supermarket miles and miles away.   As always with an unfamiliar store, it took longer to find what was wanted.    Then we had to take a roundabout way back, because by then the afternoon traffic was heating up.  Then I needed to go find supper for myself before choir practice and get another long distance to downtown for said choir practice.   Hours spent driving around on a hot day in heavy traffic is not my idea of fun.  

Fairly energetic choir practice, for which I had no energy, and then a long drive home.  Bed now.

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