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What a week!!

We knew it would be hectic but not THIS hectic.   Among other things, an entry I thought I'd posted disappeared entirely...and it was long.  With a lot of stuff behind the cut.  And it's not there.  (Bet I was distracted and didn't actually hit "post.")  (Oh.  Wait.  That was posted to one of the communities, not here.)

And now it's late Saturday and I have to be up at six to go to church.  Sigh.  ANYway.   Starting last Sunday, when both of us went with M- to his new apartment, one or the other of us went down every single day to the city.   Monday, that was R-.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that was me.  Friday, R- again.   Daily driving to the city sucks rocks, even off-hours, because it's just too much time away from my work, which has languished.  However, a lot of stuff got done, and we have high hopes that M- is actually ready to start his classes Tuesday, June 1. 

Meanwhile, I have the drafting table and master map set up in the now-not-spare-bedroom (graphics room, I'm calling it.)   Meanwhile, I have managed one trip out on the land, which restored my equanimity on Friday after all that urban driving stuff--for those interested, there are a lot of pictures from that walk in the two most recent posts on the 80 acres blog, "Prairie Flowers (partial)" and "One Flower: Many Critters." 

Meanwhile I finally, this evening, made it to a larger grocery store and replenished supplies of things the local store doesn't carry.  Or some of the things.  The four cereals I mix to make what we use--to which I add raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, and chopped walnuts.   Special cheeses.   Mushrooms.  Also found some really lovely thick center-cut pork chops, big ones, that we had for supper.

When we've emptied the freezer of some of the beef overload (Rancher Friends and we all have freezers stuffed with the proceeds of several bulls processed this past year)  I'm planning to buy rounds of my favorite cheeses (new favorite is Leicester Red, imported from UK; close second is Cheshire) instead of the little slices, cut them in chunks myself and freeze the chunks, to be taken out as I need them.   This trip I also picked up a Welsh cheese with shallots and chives in it...we'll see how that goes.   M- doesn't like cheese at all, but R- and I do, and now that I'll be cooking only for us (M- cooked most of his meals, but did come over when invited) I don't have to worry about avoiding the things he didn't like.   He likes and can eat foods I don't like or can't eat, so I have no problems with him not liking what I like--but it makes cooking easier if I don't have to consider his tastes but once a week (if then.  I expect he'll spend at least half his weekends in the city.)

Tomorrow being Trinity Sunday, I will need to sing both services...the choir is thin on the ground, what with the holiday weekend.  So I expect I'll come home and go *flop* into bed for a nap.

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