e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Wdnesday: headache, choir, and storms

The brooding, muggy weather yesterday did end in storms (and my headache went with them, for a time) but in between I did battle with M'-s router (partial success, but still required rescue by more tech-savvy friends.  Among their interventions was telling ZoneAlarm that yes, the router's number-thingie was OK (there's a word...I'm not able to think of it this afternoon.  That's because the headache has returned, it's muggy again, and my brain feels as stuffy as my sinuses.)

Thanks to them, I made it to my voice lesson.   If I were easily discouraged, the number of things that went wrong in that lesson, and the humiliation of having to watch my mouth while I sing vowels, would have done it.   Just a few months without lessons and I lose the proprioceptive awareness of what shape I'm making when singing ah, oh, oo, eee, aw, etc.  And I feel tension everywhere, zipping from one shoulder to another, up the back of my neck, grabbing a chunk of scalp, clutching the front of my throat, making one leg iron hard while the other one tries to compensate.   And yet...by the end of the lesson the sounds coming out of my mouth were better sounds.  That's what I'm after. 

Then choir practice.  During choir practice, it got darker than usual for that time in the evening and then FLASH lit the stained glass, and a boom, and then FLASH-FLASH...boom.  and then FLASH-BOOOOM!!!  Etc.  The tenors claimed at one point it was the thunder that made them miss their entrance.  Storming continued, sometimes closer, sometimes farther away, the entire time, and then I drove through storms on the way home, but here it had just rained lightly, R- said.   I saw several cloud-to-cloud stabs of lightning that went all across the sky....glad I wasn't up in a light plane or helicopter.

Today, Thursday,  it's dull and muggy and too still.   Storms north and east of us, but nothing much here. 
Tags: choir, music, weathr

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