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The Other Cartographer [Jun. 11th, 2010|03:59 pm]
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[Current Mood |awake]

On the one hand, Writer-Cartographer has been and is still working on the maps for the next book in this series.

On the other, Naturalist-Cartographer just acquired a GPS to define locations where something was found or photographed.   To practice, I went out back and marked some spots where I know I'm likely to take pictures...and found the chaste tree in bloom, and a cloud of Fiery Skippers, Hylephila phyleus,
around it and some nectaring on the flowers.

I could even tell you exactly (as exactly as the GPS gets, which is not that exact according to the screen on this one)  where this is, but anyone seeking to find it using their GPS would have to trespass across neighboring properties as well as this one to get to it, so I won't.   But you can enjoy the orange v. purple colors.

[User Picture]From: dandelion_diva
2010-06-11 09:41 pm (UTC)
Oh my. That's so lovely.
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[User Picture]From: jenrose1
2010-06-11 10:34 pm (UTC)
Stunning. I take vitex every single day, helps regulate my cycles and make them bearable.
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[User Picture]From: gunhilda
2010-06-12 02:03 am (UTC)
Nice shot of the skipper. I can recognize the fiery skippers, but I still have trouble telling the cloudywings and road-side skippers apart.
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[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2010-06-12 04:02 am (UTC)
Unless a skipper looks just like the picture in one of my books, I can't ID it either.
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[User Picture]From: ysabetwordsmith
2010-06-12 03:58 am (UTC)


I've been shooting Delaware skippers in my butterfly meadow.
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From: rpointing
2010-06-12 06:47 am (UTC)


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