e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Amphibian Sex

Specifically, frogs.  Leopard frogs.  Rio Grande leopard frogs, which is what we have in the back yard water garden.  Here it is after midnight, and even though the forecast says no more rain for weeks, the frogs think differently and are engaging in froggy courtship.

This consists of strange grunting-snorking noises, very unlike the "ribbit--ribbit" of folklore.    Think instead a pig rooting.  Or someone rubbing their thumb just right on a wet inner tube. 

They're quite vocal tonight.   I don't hear the toads "trilling" (that's what the book calls it...again, I think they're not describing the sound accurately) but the toads may also be active.  The woods are certainly full of them, in all sizes from thumbnail to palm-of-hand.  Anyway, the frogs...if I went out into the mosquito-y night with a flashlight and shone it on the pond, there they'd be, with their twin throat sacs inflated like miniature life jackets under their chins, gronking and snorking away...but I'm too tired, so they will have the pond to themselves...

Tags: amphibians, frogs, wildlife

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