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Monday's LJ post went to a community instead of here.  Tempus fugit. 

Meanwhile,  it is hot but humid, and expected to be hot (with slowly decreasing humidity) all week--heat indexes in the low hundreds, temps in the high 90sF.

Meanwhile, I am still working on the Rapidograph pens (no, don't tell me about the marvelous pens you use.  These are the pens I own, and have used for years, and I like them.  And for any other pens, I'd have to drive 50 miles at least, find the store that carried them, and learn to use them.  Not happening now.)   It's my fault they're clogged, and it's taking me days instead of a few minutes to get them usable again.  ("If you have a job to do, do it now..."  "Don't put it down, put it up."  "If you don't have time to do it right now, will you have time to fix the mess later?"  Etc.  I have hours and hours of minatory tapes in the collection.)

Substantial portions of the map now have final penciling, but are awaiting the pens' ability to produce clean, smooth-flowing black lines.  Still puzzling over a few details. 

Meanwhile again, I managed to revise the chapter that suddenly went limp Saturday night (or solidified into unmoving concrete, whichever metaphor for "Oops, that's not working" works for you with reference to a chapter in progress) and it's now alive again.   One character had yammered on past the point he should have, producing a large block of infodump that looked necessary.  I couldn't figure out how to shorten it, so just cut the whole thing (about two pages) and started over.  And bingo, there it was, the real story, alive underneath the load of wood chips I'd dumped on it.  Whew!  Relief!

Pens #3 and #4 agreed to work some by yesterday evening, but would not stay working if left for even fifteen minutes.   #2, though it seemed to be yielding, wouldn't work at all.   This morning, yet more old caked ink had oozed out of #s 3  and 4, though not a huge amount.  #2 had yielded a lot, and one of the moving parts in the pen head began to jiggle the way it should.  A tiny bit of ink came out the right place with vigorous shaking, but the actual little pin-bit at the nozzle would not move to light pressure with a fingernail.  On the smaller diameters, you can bend that little pin-bit (a fatal error!) by pushing too hard.   #0 (which I don't actually need for the map, but am cleaning because in checking the sets, I found it dirty)  is still in complete denial--"Who me move?  Any part of me move?  No, I was made this way, one rigid piece."   The ones I really need are #2 and #3.   So, since #3 was so close to completely fixed last night, I'm going to test it again this morning and see if I can to the #3  lines now.  

Book III also needs some hours devoted to it today, as I'm behind my own schedule (a schedule that has wiggle room in it, but I don't like to use up the wiggle room in the first half of the book.  So I'd better get away from here, not answer any more comments on the other threads (or visit any of the places online that are so much fun but soak up time like a paper towel soaks up ink from the pens...)
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