e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Return of gut bug...blecch

With the return of the problem, I'm no longer feeling wimpish about heat intolerance...sure, not having spent at least 5 days a week this summer outside working is part of the problem, but a gut bug messes with electrolytes and fluid compartments, and hence...increases the chance that even mild lack of acclimatization will cause problems.  Richard's had gut problems too, he confesses this morning, but he's been out every day, just about, so it's affecting him somewhat less.   He heard at church yesterday that college faculty and students are also experiencing a problem.

Just have to wait it out, I guess.  And take some decongestant for the sinus blockage that probably results from a) mowing and b) working on dusty stuff in the house.  Though I want to photograph what I think were Bordered Patch butterflies on the snow-on-the-mountain, seen from the tractor Saturday...at least I want to find out what *is* going on out there.  I know I saw (for sure) a Giant Swallowtail nectaring on it (and never knew it attracted butterflies before...) 

Tags: heat tolerance, minor illnesses

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