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With Sword in Hand

The fencing group (small but stalwart this week) braved heat and humidity and lack of breeze to actually pick up blades and go at it.   As always, I found it both exhausting (I have GOT to do more cardio!)  and exhilarating, especially when, in spite of being older and (I like to claim) slower and stiffer and less skilled than the others, I manage to achieve a solid touch...or draw cut.   I don't usually get a good draw cut, but this evening...J- didn't quite get his draw cut in on me, but did a passing step that put him in range for me.  And lo, mine was a solid draw cut that would (had anything been sharp) have been fatal.  In the course of the evening, I lost a hand and sufficient other injuries to "die" a few times, but also got opponents another couple of times, so honors were pretty even.  

Then we did footwork drills.  Yes, of course, we should start with footwork drills and only go on to the fun stuff afterward, but at least we did footwork drills.   Until everyone was complaining about the pain.  And then we did distance drills.   And then...etc.   Much sweating and panting and then it was more than time to quit (late start, late finish) and we all went in the house and sagged for a little before heading home.   I will be stiff in the morning.  The good kind of stiff. 
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