e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 06-25-2010

  • 08:47:29: And lo, the morning brings...muscles remembering very clearly what stress was put on them last night. Mind remembers 'Gotcha!' Overslept.
  • 08:56:38: RT @kaysea14: A personal note from my editor: Eos Books - The Next Chapter: The Oil Spill (with nods to post-apocalyptic novels) http:// ...
  • 10:22:49: In hot humid weather, remember to protect your large drawing/map from your sweaty forearm on the drafting table.
  • 14:10:24: Many roads and trails are now on the print of the master map, along with yet another mountain range. This is what I'll photograph.
  • 14:11:54: Oh, and another lake. Only big lakes get onto the map, considering the scale.
  • 14:13:14: HOT outside. A good day to stay in and write and draw.
  • 17:16:39: LJ has imposed one of it !**! headers again, and this time it propagates to the page where I post & others. GRUMP

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