e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 14:47:00: RT @kaysea14: CHART OF THE DAY: Reminder, The Deficit You're Freaking Out About Is Bush's Fault http://bit.ly/bvFWW7
  • 14:48:23: Scans of maps emailed to me will not open--should be .tif but comes in as .xml; renaming gets "not valid tif format." GRRR. C'd have CD.
  • 14:52:58: Have Vyco cover for drafting table, new T-square & brush, & prints of maps. Still need scans...
  • 17:32:35: New website design is live: http://www.elizabethmoon.com/ I wanted similar look, but easier navigation. I love it!
  • 17:33:04: RAIN! Second hard thundershower of late afternoon is going on now.

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