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Nose to the Grindstone

Yesterday, I sent the completed maps off to NYC.   The maps included one of the whole story area with labels on it (the publisher will change those to the font they prefer), one clean of all labels and extraneous marks that included the whole story area, and two "halves" of the whole, for putting on facing pages.   This way, they could cut the "whole" area map in a different place if they wished but I'd provided two perfect halves.  Each map came in two formats, high-res JPG and TIF.   The images were sized to print properly at the size of the map in the original book.  (It is so cool to be able to do this...resize to a print size in the correct pixel density.)

With the maps out of the way, it was time to tackle Book III's text again...and past time to put all the fragments into one big file and see where I was.  Not surprisingly, the LifeStuff in January, February, and March--with another batch of it in the last half of May and early June--and then the longer-than-expected struggle with the maps--has knocked me off my original schedule.   However, it's not as bad as it could be, and as long as I  get back on, and stick on, the daily wordage requirements, I'll be fine.   I've used up my wiggle-room allotment, so it's definitely nose to the grindstone (not that it hasn't been there every time it wasn't on a different grindstone, but still...

Yesterday, in addition to the work on the maps and the combining of fragments (which always takes longer than seems reasonable, but I use a safe method that assures the fragments are still there in case the "join" doesn't work right) I still managed 1000 new words.  The difficulty is weaning myself off online venues where it's much easier to write than on the book...so it's back to stricter rules.   Fifteen minutes of "play" every two hours until the day's words are in the tank.  (And--oops--it's time to flee to the text again.)

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