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Sunday: post-Birthday

Though R-'s birthday is actually today, we celebrated yesterday (more convenient for friends to come); he turned 65 and has now caught up to me (I have a few months of "seniority" every year.)    R- had built new outdoor furniture, so the weather turned beastly hot and still and we stayed inside.   Fun anyway.  Today the evening brought much cooler breezes, so R- and I walked out in the field and looked at stuff.  There's still cake and ice cream left.  There won't be.

It had been a hectic week, with a heavier writing schedule and trying to prep for the party (not all that successfully)  and a toothache.   However, it was fun anyway (yes, there is a theme or meme or whatever.) 

M- has been doing very well in the summer session, by his report--he's taking elementary algebra and a writing class.  I had serious worries about the writing class but he's making A & B grades.   And getting the same in his math class, but more As.   Living on his own agrees with him.   R- picks him up on Fridays, he stays with us until Sunday morning when he goes to church with R- and then stays in the city.  

The book 's many chunks were folded into one file last Monday, and as of Sunday night it's about 13,000 words longer.   I have six weeks before DragonCon (not counting the travel week.)   In there the following things will impinge on writing time: the farrier (this Tuesday, midday), a meeting at a university (all day, counting travel time), page proofs, resumption of choir practice and voice lessons (Wed. afternoons and nights) and choir service (Sundays until evening.)   And dental work (which always ruins a couple of days.)   Nonetheless, a reasonable daily wordage of 2000 at least five days a week will get me where I want to be before DragonCon.  The time lost earlier in the year with illnesses in the family, moving M- to the city, and working on the maps for Kings of the North won't affect the delivery date (which is months ahead, but there must be time for revision.

However, at that rate, and with an arthritis-imposed limit of words I can write without one hand puffing up and hurting like the dickens, the spotty posting here will have to go on.   I'll try to write at least one or two a week in addition to the Twitter feed.

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