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With sword in hand...

I haven't fenced since NASFiC, when we did a Musketeer demo.  Before that it was Conestoga.   Before that it was raining and pouring and the practice ground was too wet, or I was traveling.  Or both. 

So tonight I promised I'd be at practice, and I was, and it was fun but I'm stiff.   I got hit much  less than when I'm fencing my fellow Musketeers, but my instructor got me several times.  The other person only once, but it was a doozy.

Unfortunately, when I got home and saw the big scorpion on the kitchen floor that Richard nearly stepped on barefoot, I did not have my blade in hand and thus could not demonstrate my superb point control (this is a joke!)
The blades were in the blade box in the car.

(Come to think of it, what am I doing sitting here?  The blades are still in the car....)

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